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You Don’t Have to Be LeBron James to be a Winner!

Wow! As the first day of summer set in for residents in the Pacific and Mountain time zones, those who live in the Central and Eastern time zones had to wait for the Sun! We might have had to wait for the Sun to reach its farthest point north of the equator, but the Heat was on! I’m referring to the Miami Heat. Despite a close game early on, the team scorched the San Antonio Spurs! The Heat victory over the Spurs in the 2013 NBA Finals was amazing!

I was extremely impressed by LeBron James and his ability to lead his team! While scoring 37 points, LeBron grabbed 12 rebounds and added four assists. Three of his teammates combined to score 55 points, but neither Chris Bosh nor Ray Allen scored. Some people might not want to crown him, “King,” but he reigned supreme this season! By winning back-to-back Finals MVP and regular-season MVP awards, he also joined the ranks of Michael Jordan and Bill Russell.

I believe that his success on the court this season will continue to translate into success off the court. His signature sneakers already outsell (6-to-1) his competitors’ sneakers, and they earned Nike $300 million in U.S. retail sales last year-according to SportsOneSource. He also leads the NBA in endorsement deals with a reported $40 million. I am so inspired by LeBron, and I celebrate his ability to overcome numerous challenges to achieve his dreams!

Everyone can’t be LeBron James, but everyone can be a winner! Your success depends on what your goal is and what motivates you. Intrinsic motivation is critical, but inspiration can be extrinsic. I am inspired by reading about the accomplishments of others. I don’t need it, but it encourages me to overcome my obstacles. I accept that I will never be a basketball champion, but I am a winner! Even when it looked and felt like I lost, I still won! As a result, I want to keep winning in everything!


Here are some ways that you, too, can be a winner:

  1. Be decisive. Know what you want and how you plan to accomplish it.
  2. Be determined. Don’t let anyone or anything get you off track.
  3. Be loyal. Faith, family, and friends keep you grounded.
  4. Be flexible. When things don’t work according to your plans, make adjustments.
  5. Be tolerant. Don’t discount the opinions of people who offer different perspectives.
  6. Be grateful. When you show appreciation, people won’t mind helping you.
  7. Be patient. Anything worth having takes time, and you will cherish it when you get it!

Do you consider yourself a winner? Please comment.

Entrepreneur of the Month-June (Series 2 of 4)


Fred Stewart was born on December 14th to a teenage mother in Canton, Mississippi. As a result, his grandmother and great-grandmother were very influential in raising him. They had a piano in their house, and he remembered hearing his mother play it. After he didn’t see anyone else playing it, he would get on it and “bang around on the keys.” Those early days may have provided a musical foundation. When he was 12-years-old, he learned how to play the drums. He began traveling with a quartet named, The Canton Southernaires.

The group let him grow and develop his talent until he was called upon to play for his church’s male choir at New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church. At 17-years-old, Fred learned how to play the keyboard and began to play for several churches/groups. Although he is an entrepreneur, he currently plays for The Word Full Gospel Baptist Church in Jackson, Mississippi. He said, “I love playing! God blessed me; so, I will bless Him by giving back to Him.” He added that his early upbringing had a lot to do with the path that he has chosen because it introduced him to the world of music.

He also attributes his success to the important role that his coaches played. He said, “My coaches gave me structure at a time that I began to rebel against authority. I grew up without a father; so, it was very important for me to have strong male influences.” He added that he was very strong and very aggressive as a kid. Football was a great sport for him to express that aggression in a structured and legal manner. His coaches cared about his grades and his behavior (on and off the field). In addition, his coaches taught him the importance of building a firm foundation.

That firm foundation prepared him for a bright future. In 2003, Fred graduated from Northwest Rankin High School. Upon graduation, he enrolled at Mississippi State University and majored in political science. He began working at Grey Matter Music Studio during his sophomore year at MSU. After gaining experience as an audio engineer and session musician, he left Grey Matter in the summer of 2005. Fred worked on various projects for the remainder of 2005 under the name of “Smash Hit Productions.” Next week, you will learn more about Fred Stewart’s different business endeavors.

What do you think about the positive effects that his relatives, the quartet, his coaches, and/or his churches have had on Mr. Fred Stewart’s career? Please comment.