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Video of the Week: Juicing


The juicing craze is on! As I continue my journey to better health, I am considering juicing. Experts claim that juicing has numerous benefits. I like many vegetables, but I could eat them more than I actually do. However, I don’t eat fruit on a regular basis. See. I only really like two (pineapple and grapefruit). I do know that is unhealthy, and I need to do better.

My mom insists that juicing will fulfill my need to digest more fruit and vegetables. My body could use more nutrients, and three glasses per day doesn’t seem like too much. It’s the cleaning of the blender that has kept me from diving into the juicing craze! Just the mere thought of all that work each day seemed to be a bit much.

When I started thinking about sickness and disease, I guess cleaning a blender pales in comparison. I want to be healthier, which means that I need to get rid of toxins. I also need a better nutritional balance to improve my tissues, oxygen, and blood. I have come to the conclusion that a healthier lifestyle won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

if you want a healthier lifestyle too, check out this video:

Here are some recipes: