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Man of Honor: Supt. C. A. Stevenson, Sr.

If you work in the ministry, chances are you will need to be ministered to at some point. Brian Fulthorpe wrote, “A Duke University study found that eighty-five percent of seminary graduates entering the ministry leave within five years and 90% of all pastors will not stay to retirement (Kanipe, 2007, n.p.). This study also found that the North Georgia clergy attrition rate ran as high as 90% for those having served 20 years or more.”


I am extremely proud and thankful for a pastor, Supt. Charles Allen Stevenson, Sr., who has endured for 50 years in the ministry. We celebrated this momentous occasion last weekend. I doubt that I could really indicate how special of a moment it was for me. See, my pastor is my father. My siblings and I have been on this journey with him for our entire lives. Many preacher’s children have a hard time, but my father has made it easier for us.

We are grateful for a God-fearing father, who practices what he preaches. Before he became a pastor, Charles A. Stevenson, Sr.’s early years were full of experiences that developed his leadership skills. In junior high, he participated in oratorical competitions. In high school, he was a 3-sport star, sang in the choir, and played in the band. After graduating from high school, he attended Grambling State University.

God blessed him to graduate in the upper 10% of his class. After graduating from GSU, he started an excellent career with the government. He became the first African American supervisor at our local Social Security Administration and paved the way for others. When God told him to become a full-time pastor, he obeyed. He says that he has never regretted it because God has always made a way for him.

Proclaiming the gospel for 50 years, many souls have been saved and baptized with the Holy Ghost under his ministry. The favor of God has afforded Supt. Stevenson to minister in very unique local, state, and national (including Alaska) settings. Watch the video below as he preaches God’s Word. It is my pleasure to recognize Supt. Charles A. Stevenson, Sr., as the Man of Honor for January 2014! Next week, you will learn more about this man of God.

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Man of Honor-October (series 1 of 3)

Welcome to my new series, “Man of Honor”! I plan to alternate this series with my “Entrepreneur of the Month,” “Trailblazer of the Month,” and “Trendsetter of the Month” series. The media is fraught with negative images that might lead viewers to believe that many of the men among us are not worthy of honor! I will continue to counter these stereotypes with positive portrayals.

The featured men of honor will include pastors as well as leaders of other organizations, and I hope that they will inspire you. Pastor Marcus Carruthers is the first “Man of Honor”! Marcus Carruthers is the senior pastor at The Dwelling Place Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Prior to going into ministry full time, he worked at several Fortune 500 companies. He also owned a software company with his wife, Dionne.


Not only is Marcus Carruthers recognized as an awesome pastor, be he is also recognized throughout his community as an amazing leader. He has been listed on the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal’s “State of Arkansas 40 under 40” list, and he was named the “Washington County Volunteer of the Year.” I appreciate Pastor Marcus Carruthers for accepting my invitation to be the “Man of Honor” for October 2013.

Next week, you will learn who has contributed to Pastor Carruthers’s success. What do you think of this series? Please comment.