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Video: Fantastic Way to Detox


How do you detox after the weekend? Getting extra sleep would be ideal because it is the best way to invigorate your body. However, most of us would have to take off work to get “extra” sleep. Many people are exercising before work, and it gives them extra energy! Other options include taking vitamin supplements, meditating, or eating healthier. A video on this site (“Relax with a Cup of Tea” at the bottom right) shares a different way to get rid of all the unhealthy foods/drinks that your body doesn’t need.

The “Black Enterprise” video is extremely interesting, and it will also show you how to unwind! Drinking tea is recommended by many health experts. Patricia Bannan wrote, “Since Ancient times, tea has been touted to help with everything from headaches to depression.” If you are in doubt, read her article on the benefits of drinking tea. I hope you will enjoy the video and consider drinking tea as a fantastic way to detox after a long weekend. Please comment to let me know if you plan to drink more tea. Thank you.

When is it Smarter to Buy or Rent?

Options. This is one of my favorite words! I believe that having options improves learning and enhances decision-making skills. As a college student, I learned a lot about real estate and improved my decision-making skills. How? I experienced every living arrangement that was available! While living on campus, I had a private room as a freshman and a roommate later. I also shared an apartment with my sister, and I commuted when I was a senior.

When I graduated and started earning a salary, I wanted to build up my finances before moving out on my own. As a result, I stayed home and researched apartments as well as residential areas. I compared renting an apartment to buying a home because my parents always encouraged my siblings and me to become homeowners. I did not have enough for a down payment, but I could pay to rent an apartment. In addition, I did not want to take care of any repairs, maintain a lawn, etc.


I was not sure about how long I would continue living in my hometown; so, I chose to rent an apartment. While living in an apartment, I saved enough money for a down payment. I also grew tired of the noise and other problems of apartment living; therefore, I asked myself the same question that many people are asking now: “When is it smarter to buy or rent?” Again, I believe the decision comes down to your options. I made my decision based on the following three considerations: money, preferences, and mobility.

I purchased my first home after saving enough money for a down payment, selecting an affordable home, and considering any additional costs. One thing that I overestimated was my mobility. Due to advancement opportunities, I sought employment in another city and commuted for several years. However, I am pleased with my decision to purchase a home despite the extra expenses. After all, homeownership is the key to building wealth.

Next week, I will post about the one time I did not listen to my father’s real estate advice. Have you struggled with the decision to buy or rent? Please comment.