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7 Reasons to Improve Your Life


Access to wonderful quotes is one of the benefits of the Internet. Facebook finally added something new that I can appreciate! The ability to edit posts and comments is the best feature on Facebook! As a former English teacher, I hate making grammatical errors! I love the new feature, and I’ve wondered why more people don’t use it.

I finally realized something: How can you correct something if you don’t know it’s incorrect?! Some people might call me a perfectionist because I constantly evaluate and reevaluate everything! Yes, I look for ways to improve (even my Facebook posts)! I don’t always meet my expectations, but I keep trying!

I’ve learned that most of us fall short at different times in our lives. In the words of Adam Schefter, an ESPN analyst, “What people expect rarely is.” He wrote this, contrasting some NFL teams’ pre-season predictions against some of their (early season) results. Do NFL owners give up on their organizations? No.

They continue to change coaches, players, and general managers in an effort to improve their teams. We should have the same mindset! If something is not working, we should do what it takes to make our lives better! When something needs just a little tweaking, we should not miss the opportunities to grow. I hope to motivate you with this post.

Here are seven reasons to improve your life:

1. You will add more excitement to your life! Learning and doing new things stimulates your mind, body, and soul.

2. You will accomplish more of your goals. Not only will your personal satisfaction increase, but your winning attitude will also improve.

3. You will learn to trust in your vision. As you continue to make advances towards fulfilling it, you can visualize the end result.

4. You will motivate others. Friends and family are frequently motivated to change when they see changes in their loved ones.

5. You will assist more people. Your experiences enable you to help people from all walks of life overcome their barriers.

6. You will gain valuable lessons. These lessons will prepare you for the next challenges in life.

7. You will help improve your community. Organizations and institutions are not effective because there are too many stagnant people.

Are you willing to do what it takes to become great?

3 Things to Consider in 2014

Cihan Demirok

Cihan Demirok

This year is about to end, and the new year will begin. If you have to leave things, people, and situations, too, God will take care of you! Exodus 33:1 says, “Then the LORD said to Moses, “Leave this place, you and the people you brought up out of Egypt, and go up to the land I promised on oath to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, saying, ‘I will give it to your descendants.’” What will you do?

First, evaluate what is helping and what is hurting you. If something is not helping you to grow, it might be time to go. Tom Stoppard wrote, “Every exit is an entrance somewhere else.” I’m not saying everything has to be positive, but you have a feeling when something (or someone) is stunting your growth! It might get worse before it gets better, but you will eventually appreciate the change.

Establishing new practices and procedures is the key to sustained change. Resolutions typically last for only two-three months. Justin Holcomb noted, “According to research, 80 percent of those who make resolutions on January 1 have given up by Valentine’s Day.” Therefore, we must establish new routines and ways of doing things. For example, I need to make sure that everything is ready before I go to bed if I plan to exercise each morning.

This brings up the third thing to consider in 2014: We need to stop fooling ourselves! I need to create a workout schedule that I can accomplish because every morning is unrealistic. Have you set some goals for next year? If our goals are unsustainable, they will be difficult to achieve! Let’s end this year on a positive note and begin the next year with more promise. What are three things that you will consider in 2014? Please comment.