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Photo of the Week: Parents’ Summer Spending


Great job! Excellent! Needs improvement. I wonder how parents are rating this summer! During the school year, teachers receive countless evaluations. They receive ratings for lessons planned, students’ behavior, students’ engagement, differentiated instruction (meeting students where they are), and more.

In addition, teachers often spend their own money to offer incentives for students. They are constantly researching ways to spend less and gain more for their money. I am sure many parents are juggling many of the same tasks this summer, and I hope they are gaining an appreciation for the challenges that teachers face.

Has your summer spending increased? Please comment.

Photo of the Week: Never Quit!


Have you ever been so inspired by a teenager? I admired Gabby Douglas for making history in the 2012 Olympics; however, I didn’t know her story. I had read about some of her challenges, but watching the details of her life story was overwhelming! I was amazed at her vision, her determination, and her exceptional talent!

While some adults are afraid to leave their homes, churches, jobs, etc., Gabby Douglas left home at 14. Her bravery really touched me, and I am committed to overcoming some of my fears. Finally, I was impressed that she gave God the glory after her victory. Read more about her faith. I challenge you to be like Gabby Douglas: Never quit!