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Video of the Week: How Obamacare Will Impact You in 2014


Imagine people coming to you for advice, and you only know two things about the topic. I knew that Obamacare was geared to help those who are uninsured. I also knew that some things, which had not been previously covered by employers, will now be covered. As more people continued to ask me, I made it my business to learn more. I would like to share how Obamacare will impact you in 2014.

The video by YouToons is animated, and it is narrated by Charlie Gibson. It is simple and easy to understand. If you do not like the video or want more information, read “Ten Questions About Obamacare You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask.” If you live in Louisiana and you want someone to speak about Obamacare, contact Ms. Roanita Turner Jenkins. She is a personal friend who is a Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist.

Source: “The YouToons Get Ready for Obamacare,” The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, accessed September 28, 2013, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZkk6ueZt-U.

Avoid Condo Disasters


Yes, Sir! This should have been my response when my dad advised me about my condo; however, I didn’t say that! I had lived in my condo for several years, and I loved it! As a result, I was reluctant to sell it. I owned a home 110 miles away; so, I was commuting on the weekends. When I accepted a position closer to my house, my dad advised me to sell my condo. I listened, but I didn’t act upon his advice. As I mentioned in my post, “When is it Smarter to Buy or Rent?,” it was the first time that I did not heed his advice! He has never led me astray, but I felt that I was making the right decision this time.

I wanted to hold onto the property for the following reasons: sentimental, weekend retreats, and potential investment. Unfortunately, things did not work out like I planned. Several problems occurred while I was away from the property, including a burst water pipe. I had insurance, but I had to replace several items. Furthermore, my new position allowed limited time for weekend retreats. Another issue that I dealt with was several increases in the monthly homeowners’ association fees.

The major problem was one that I never would have anticipated! The property purchased flood insurance, but my mortgage company insisted that I provide proof of flood insurance. I found out later that this is a common practice. After battling my mortgage company for months, I realized that I could not win! I should have sold my condo when my father advised me to sell it! Billy Wilder said, “Hindsight is always 20-20.” All is not lost! After my experience, I hope that I can help you avoid the following condo disasters:

  1. Find out about the master insurance policy and make sure you have the proper coverage.

  2. Make a decision. Weigh your options (mobility vs. money) and be realistic. Being indecisive is what caused me to lose the most money. Sometimes, it is better to sell than to hold on too long.

  3. Select a real estate agent. Since I had moved and lost touch with my previous realtor, I was reluctant to choose another one. That was a mistake, and I advise you to speak to other people for referrals if necessary. A real estate agent should help eliminate any remaining indecisiveness.

  4. Sell when you are ready to sell rather than waiting to sell at a certain time in the real estate market. Spring is the recommended time to sell condos; however, you must weigh what is best for you. Again, waiting too long to sell your condo can lead to a disaster!

How do you think a condo disaster would effect you? Please comment.