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Comaletha Stevenson, Ed.S.

Comaletha Stevenson, Ed.S.

WHO: I created and launched, Stop Eating Money, a self-improvement blog, in May 2013. Since most of our decisions revolve around money, the mission of this blog is to enhance money management skills, improve decision-making, and change perceptions. To fulfill this mission, I will provide facts, statistics, and personal experiences that show you how money actually works! After careful research, I will submit articles, etc. that should help improve your knowledge and skills to make better decisions (financial, etc.).

WHY ME: I learned how money works from two excellent examples! Reared in Monroe, Louisiana, my parents taught me financial responsibility. They also afforded me opportunities to travel extensively where I observed people making wise as well as foolish financial decisions. Those experiences piqued my interest in a financial services career. I worked briefly in that industry, but my call to teach was compelling! As an educator, I have served in numerous teaching and administrative capacities for over 20 years. Previously, I taught English as well as business/computer classes to elementary school – high school students. As a teacher, my passion was teaching the fundamentals of decision-making.

WHAT: After teaching at a middle school, I accepted the challenge to be a part of their administrative team three years ago. I will continue to emphasize the importance of improving decision-making skills. I believe that even our short-term decisions often have long-term effects. Consequently, my posts will ultimately be about making better choices in all areas of life. I will also provide examples-individuals who have earned wealth by making responsible decisions. We are all motivated by different people and different things. Not only was I inspired by money-savvy expert Mellody Hobson, but I also prepared for a career in finance.

HOW: I have taken a different route to arrive at this destination, but I am here! I do not claim to be an expert in finance; however, I earned a degree in economics and management. To provide expert analysis, I will interview people of color who are successful in financial services and other industries. I met some of them through networking, but I know many of them from college. I am a graduate of Grambling State University, the University of Louisiana at Monroe, and Northwestern State University. While earning each degree, I learned more about making responsible (financial, spiritual, relational, and political) decisions.

WHEN: I must admit that I have occasionally strayed from applying the lessons to my life. As a result, I can relate to the many issues that the average adult encounters. I have had to make decisions about paying bills on time, upgrading technology, selecting an insurance policy, trading a vehicle, purchasing a house, investing, etc. Please join me now as I address the four areas that others hate to address: money, religion, relationships, and politics. As I share applications of responsible decisions, the amazing difference that this can make for you and your family awaits!


  1. Deanie Smith says:

    This is quite an interesting Blog. The author certainly has mastered the “play on words” technique; including the use of the “Picture n Profile”. I look forward to reading much more from this intriguing writer. Welcome to the world of Internet Journalism!

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