People, who literally have money in their mouths or in dishes, have plastered numerous photos of themselves online! Believed to have started in hip hop, its origin has not been confirmed. This craze (among teens and adults) is indicative of how many of us live-like we have so much money we can eat it! This type of poor decision-making is common in various areas of our lives. The mission of this blog is to improve our decision-making skills.

According to the most recent State of the African-American Consumer Report, African-American buying power was expected to rise to $1.1 trillion by 2015. We are expert consumers, but too many of us are not economically sound. Acquiring tools on how to make better decisions can truly change the future for many people of color. I will present tips on making responsible (financial, spiritual, relational, and political) decisions. Please join me on this journey; we CAN make a difference in our communities.


  1. Don Roberts says:

    Not just for people of color but for all people in poverty. It took me a half a century to become aware of what was missing in my education and I’m slowly learning.

    What I have come to realize though is that the entire public benefits system does a far better job of perpetuating poverty than it does alleviating it.

    • cakas38 says:


      You made several valid points, and I would have to agree with most of them! However, I do believe that public benefits help many families. I have not seen too many alternatives that are available that alleviate poverty. I salute those who continue to fight for the less fortunate. Thank you for your comment.


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