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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said, “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” After a weekend of disappointing news, it seemed like people looked for inspiration in several areas. Demonstrations, peaceful (for the most part) vigils, and dedications were held throughout the country. I sought comfort in the Word, and I encourage others to do the same. Sometimes, God is the only One who can lift our spirits in this troubled world.

On other occasions, I will admit that it helps to know that there are good human beings on this earth. So, I searched for some money stories which would show that some people still have a heart for others. These money stories confirmed that everyone is not consumed by hate, and it gives me hope for a better society! I chose to share these stories with you, and I expect for them to do the same. Here are 7 inspiring money stories from around the United States:

  1. I LOVE My HBCUs: Tom Joyner offered Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon Martin’s friend, a full scholarship. Click the link for more information.

  2. Just Heavenly: All it took was just one person to set off a chain reaction of kindness at Heav’nly Donuts in Amesbury, MA! Read here to find out more.

  3. Georgia Peach: This sweet lady, Anita Carson, received tokens of appreciation for giving so much of herself. Watch the video of the random acts of kindness.

  4. 85 More Reasons: Since Vernon Davis returned to his alma mater to encourage students, I have 85 more reasons to cheer for the San Francisco 49ers Tight End! Read more about #85 and other blacks who give back.

  5. That’s Clutch: Ebony Oshunrinde, a Toronto native, has made it to the big time! One of her beats is on Jay-Z’s new album! How is that for a girl who started at 9-years-old?

  6. Sweet Dreams: When these two sisters couldn’t find what they wanted, they created it! Discover how Halle and Brea Holmes introduced their own line of beauty products.

  7. Their Own: A local Hispanic-owned company in Atlanta pledged thousands of dollars to help Latino students continue their education. Find out more here.

Do you have an inspiring money story to share? Please comment.

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