Entrepreneur of the Month-July (Series 2 of 4)

In 1998, Roanita Jenkins began working for Vantage Health Plan as a receptionist. Although that was not her preference, she viewed it as a way to get into the company and learn more about the business. She also stated that her dad pushed her from the very beginning to get into the Marketing & Sales Department in order to grow and learn more about the business. She said, “I became very intrigued with insurance, how it works, and the constant problems that we all have with the insurance products we purchase.”

She was inspired by the company’s vision for creating jobs and offering better, more affordable insurance to residents and businesses in the State of Louisiana. The president of the company had a vision, and she has always been excited to be associated with visionaries. As a young girl, her dad would talk to her about his visions of entrepreneurship. She always wondered how visions are first dreamed of, planned for, and then implemented. She said, “The entire process fascinated me!”

Ms. Jenkins went from fascination to application! Over a 13 year period, she was promoted to the following positions: Member Service Representative, Account Executive, Senior Account Executive, and Assistant Director of Marketing & Sales. Roanita said, “With the positions that I held, I was able to learn about the insurance industry from the ground up. I have interacted with all positions and levels of insurance, including the following: CFO’s, CEO’s, Actuaries, Accountants, Customer Service Reps, and Medicaid/Medicare Professionals.”


During her ninth year at Vantage, her dad recognized her growth and passion for wanting to help others with insurance. He talked with her about her goals and dreams. Roanita said, “I shared with him at that time that I would love to have my own business. As an entrepreneur, I could help to educate others about insurance, remind them of the importance of it, and work on their behalf to ensure they have good coverage’s at affordable prices.” She had also witnessed people becoming frustrated for several reasons.

As a result, service became of the upmost importance to her. She developed a burning desire to educate and to help others. She wanted to be an agent that others could really trust and feel comfortable enough to go to for answers. Her dad continued to encourage her to pursue her dream of becoming an entrepreneur, but fear kept her from doing so. In December of 2011, she finally stepped out on faith to pursue her dream. She left Vantage and opened her own insurance agency, Roanita Jenkins Insurance Agency.

We salute Roanita Jenkins for overcoming her fear! What is stopping you from achieving your dream? Please comment.

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