Entrepreneur of the Month-July (Series 1 of 4)


I am pleased to acknowledge Ms. Roanita Jenkins, owner of Roanita Jenkins Insurance Agency, as the second “Entrepreneur of the Month.” The Monroe, Louisiana, native is the daughter of Mr. Ervin “Peter” Turner and Mrs. Kathleen Turner. She attended Robinson Elementary, Ouachita Junior High, and Ouachita Parish High. Roanita and her brother, Christopher Earl Turner, also learned about entrepreneurship throughout their secondary education years. They worked in several businesses owned by their parents, including AAA Cleaning Service and Pete’s Fried Chicken.

She says, “Actually, entrepreneurship was introduced to me at a very early age. My parents taught me that hard work pays off, and entrepreneurship allows me unlimited opportunities.” After her high school graduation in 1986, she attended Northeast Louisiana University as a business major with a minor in English. Next, she moved to North Carolina. She married and gave birth to her only child, Robert Jenkins, II. She said, “As a military spouse, I held part-time jobs. I wanted to be home to raise my son-given the constant moving involved with the military lifestyle.”

In 1998, Roanita moved back to Monroe. She began working for a local insurance company, Vantage Health Plan. She said, “There were few positions available at the time; so, I took an entry level position to get into the company and learn more about the business.” Next week, find out what led Roanita to eventually leave her job and start her own agency. If you have an individual or group insurance need, please contact Roanita Jenkins. Her Website is http://www.rjiagency.com/. I appreciate Roanita Jenkins for accepting my invitation to be “Entrepreneur of the Month” for July 2013.

What do you think about the daughter of an innovator/entrepreneur becoming an entrepreneur? Please comment.

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