Three Money Questions for Mom

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Mother’s Day is a time of reflection for me! I could not spend my day, my weekend with my mother. Sure, I would have loved to do that! Unfortunately, she transitioned when I was 16 years old. Despite losing her during my teen years, I still feel like a winner! Why? My mother left a lifelong legacy! She was a lady in every sense of the word, and she loved being a mother! She was also happy to share her wisdom with my siblings, church members, and me.

As I thought about her today, I remembered all of the wonderful things about my childhood! I was fortunate to have parents that provided all of my needs and many of my wants. My only job was to enjoy being a child. A big part of that included playing games. Although I was a bookworm, I loved playing a few outdoor games! One of my favorite outdoor games was “Mother, May I!” I don’t know which challenge-giving commands or asking questions-was more exciting. I do know that I would love to ask my mother several questions today!

Making financial decisions was a responsibility that my mother shared with my father. However, she was extremely savvy with money! Her legacy includes being an unselfish giver and knowing how to shop for the best bargains. Before the prevalence of the Internet, she ordered numerous magazines and books for our home library. She also planned our family vacations without the assistance of Expedia and other Web sites. I can only imagine how effective she would be with Internet access and so many options.

Today, I read several posts and articles that others shared about their mothers. I thoroughly enjoyed the article, “5 Lessons From Your Mom That Can Teach You About Money,” by Tiffany Aliche! I could truly relate to those lessons. If I had the opportunity, I would like to ask my mother about the following financial decisions: continuing my doctoral pursuit, adopting a child, and retiring early. I trust that I will make the best decisions because of the things that she taught me. I may not have her with me, but I am grateful for my mother and her wisdom.

Next week, I will post about funeral planning and everyone resting in peace.

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