Giving, What It Can Do For You

Every Father’s Day, I am excited to share my time and money with my father! It is not a task for me; after all, he has given so much to me. First, my father created a culture of giving for our family. I witnessed my parents sharing with each other; they also encouraged my siblings and me to share with one another. He also worked untiringly with my mother (until she transitioned) to help many people. I am eternally grateful for a father and mother who taught us the principles of giving.


Our parents didn’t simply share with us; they shared with anyone in need. They frequently gave food and clothes to different families. No, they would not give ragged or damaged items. They would often take people to the store and allow them to purchase what they needed. Although it is not a recommended practice, they co-signed loans and paid different bills for people. In several difficult situations, they also offered shelter to individuals who were in need.

My siblings and I have benefited greatly from growing up in a household where giving was commonplace. Not only did we learn a lot about finances, but it also prepared us for a life of giving. We learned to value everyone-regardless of their social status, religion, or race. We also learned not to take anything for granted. The importance of keeping your word was a lesson that we learned when my father told someone that he would help them. My parents’ ability to give and receive also reinforced biblical principles.

I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.-Maya Angelou

Here is what giving can do for you:
*It can make you feel better (emotionally and spiritually).
*It can reduce stress by taking the focus off of you, which improves your health.
*It can inspire you to do better.
*It can improve your outlook on life.
*It can open doors for you-to minister to others.
*It can serve as a witness to your lifestyle.
*It can develop a giving culture in your family.

Do you think giving can help you (as well as the receiver)? Please comment.

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