Choose To Be Happy, Now!

by Teri Worten

Choose Happiness….Now!

The older I get, the more I realize that ninety percent of life is about choices. Similarly, both the choice to be happy or unhappy is totally up to the individual. Sure, unforeseeable circumstances come along and rattle our cages from time to time but how we chose to let them affect us is our choice. We can resolve to allow the situations to defeat us or we can simply count it all joy and keep on going.

Counting it all joy is not basically grinning through a rough circumstance. It’s much more. When we count it all joy, we recognize and seek God’s hand in the midst of the quandary. We accept the fact that whatever happens in our lives is somehow working out for our good. Trust me, as someone who has buried most all my immediate family, I understand how difficult it can be to remain optimistic. As I update this article, I am recovering from the sudden death of a sibling (the second one in three years). So, I do indeed understand pain and grief, but I also understand the wonderful peace that comes from my faith and my decision to continue on with my life.

Let’s be frank. Happiness is not always going to “find” you. Therefore, you’ve got to passionately, intentionally, seek, chase and pursue it on your own in spite of your present circumstances. As you well know, there will always be people, systems and personalities trying to rob you of your joy and purpose. But once you find your joy, it’s up to you to not to let it escape – even in the midst of turmoil and unimaginable pain.

Whether you are recovering from heartbreak, grief or coming to terms with a recent disappointment, resolve to preserve your joy in spite of it all. Don’t succumb to the innate urge to fold up into a ball and withdraw from the world. As a single mom, I know this is not an option for me, nor is it for you. Our children, loved ones and friends need us to be strong, resilient and at peace. So, choose to embrace your faith and rely on God to comfort you and bring peace while He restores your emotional equilibrium. Discover fresh interests by trying new things, meeting new people, reading some new books or even trying a new hobby.

Again, choose to be happy, joyful and content at this very moment in your life. Take solace in knowing that your current position doesn’t predict your potential. You’re on your way someplace wonderful! Make your plans, map your goals and continue on your happy, fun- filled course! Choose to be happy, today!

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Teri Worten is a freelance writer and the founder of the inspirational website for women and single moms called Gotta Be Me, Girl.Com. Visit Gotta Be Me Girl at and She has been featured on various television and radio shows as well as numerous publications in the metropolitan Kansas City area. Her passion is motivating and inspiring other women to reach their fullest potential.

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