Excellent Tips on Planning a Perfect Vacation

Image courtesy of [digitalart] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of [digitalart] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“The idea of a perfect vacation is not working or not having to work
and having no appointments.”-Tom Welling

Finally! The school year has ended for many of us, and I am excited about all of the wonderful things that I will enjoy this summer. What are your plans for this summer? Are you staying home to get some rest or going on vacation? If you are going on vacation, do not forget the most important part: Planning! Determine how much money you want to spend and continue to look for bargains or travel packages. Some people pay for vacations by charging them on their credit cards; however, that increases debt.

I recommend saving for the trip in a vacation club or savings account. Decide on your destination and be sure to pack the appropriate items before leaving home. Purchasing toiletries, pajamas, clothes, or shoes can be very expensive in some areas! Don’t forget your charger(s) and/or batteries for all electronic devices. Observe the departure and arrival times of all planes, trains, and automobiles. Actually, arriving early is the key to not getting left behind! Trust me; I know!

Make sure you have the proper ID (including your passport, if necessary) and extra money. Remain flexible and patient because human error is likely to occur when you are traveling. Problems with luggage, hotel rooms, food service, taxi service, etc. are common. Ask for referrals on restaurants, hotels, activities, and more. Everyone does not have the same experiences, but referrals can be helpful. I hope these tips will help you plan a perfect vacation, and I will post a list of my favorite destinations tomorrow.

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