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Reflection is good for the soul and paves the way for the future! Although Stop Eating Money was created recently, I have been sharing my experiences and tips for a long time. I was born to teach; now, I am an awakener! In May 2013, I started posting stories and sharing them with people on Facebook as well as Twitter. I understand that people have countless things to do; so, I am grateful to all of my supporters.

I published more than 150 stories in 2014, and I am pleased that readers were focused primarily on accepting changes, giving honor, and improving! Why? Those issues are part of my mission to change perceptions, improve decision-making, and enhance money management skills. Thank you for liking, commenting, and/or sharing my posts. If you missed any of them, here’s a list of stories that readers enjoyed the most in 2014:

10. Video of the Week: Digital Insanity
Technology. Everyone has it, and it continues to dominate our lives! This is a profound video of our reliance on technology.

9. In Memory of Dr. Myles Munroe
Dr. Myles Munroe left an amazing legacy, and his prophetic words were moving!

8. Best Luxury Cars for the Money
Are you in the market for a luxury car? Watch the interesting video for tips on getting your money’s worth.

7. Human Rights Day
The ills of society have touched many of us this year; so, honoring the rights of all humans has become crucial.

6. How to Hang in There
When life gets tough, we need inspiration to keep us going!

5. Rosa Parks Day
We must never forget the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement!

4. How to Tie a Tie
I’ve discovered that so many guys want/need help with making this accessory work for them.

3. Fight for Your Dreams
Dreams can be deferred,but we must continue to fight to make them become a reality.

2. Man of Honor Supt. C. A. Stevenson, Sr., Recognized
After 50 years in the ministry, Supt. Charles A. Stevenson was recognized by his denomination.

1. 4 Ways to Handle Change Better
Many of us have experienced changes in our professional and personal lives. Discovering how to deal with those changes makes a world of difference!

What has been your favorite post? Please comment.

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