The Principle of Higher Self

by: Song Chengxiang

I want to begin this lesson by a quote from Dr Wayne Dyer. He said this in his book “Manifest Your Destiny”.
“Within you is a divine capacity to manifest and attract all that you need or desire.”
——–Wayne Dyer

I am sure you will agree with me that we are not just this physical form or this body. There is something within us that is invisible and is eternal.Let me ask you a question. Are you a body with a soul or a soul with a body? I am sure that something inside you tells you that you are a soul with a body.We are not just this physical form that we can see and touch, we are much more than it. Within us, there is something eternal, it is never born and never dies.This is your soul or your “higher self”.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Where do we come from? Who created this physical world that we are living in? When we see tree or flowers, our logical mind tells us that there is something within the tree creates that tree. We go out to look for the solution,then we find that the trees come from one small seed.Then we know that the answer must be within this seed.We open up the seed, what we see is just some brown stuff, then we put this stuff under microscope,we see some molecules, then we see some atoms.Finally, we put it under the most powerful microscope,and we discover that there is no particle there;there is only energy that comes and goes.How mysterious this is! We try to find something that created the tree, and finally we discover it is NOTHING.It is this NOTHINGNESS or NON-STUFF that created the tree.It not only created the tree, it also created our body.We come from this world of nothingness. In the beginning,there is only energy. This is our original self; this is our “higher self”. This is also the field of creation or manifestation. Everything in this physical universe comes from the same field of energy.It is the same field of energy that created a forest,or a galaxy, or a star, created a human body.This is the source of creation or source of manifestation. Most importantly, you are from the same source,and you actually are this source itself.It is also important to realize that the source energy is dimensionless; it has no boundary, and inseparable.We have been taught that we are all separate human being,in fact, we are all one, and the entire universe is one.

To truly understand your higher self, you must be aware of the fact that you are both a physical body and a non-physical body. This non-physical body is your higher self, and your true self. It is eternal, and it never dies. Stop for a moment and ask yourself, who is reading, who is observing, and who is thinking. Who is this “I” inside this body, this skin, and this bone? Once you discover this “I”, you will know that this is your true self, this is your higher self. To understand your higher self more deeply, you must be aware that you are not what you observe, you are the observer.This observer inside you is that cause of everything that you observe. It is the origin of everything. It is the source of creation.

Once you come to the understanding that you and the source energy is one, you begin to realize that you are the creator of your life. You begin to know that anything you can imagine, you can create.Since the source energy is dimensionless, it has no boundary and you and source energy is one, then you are dimensionless, and you have no boundary. You are connected to everything and anything in this universe.You are connected to everything through this energy field.I repeat “at the energy level, we are all connected.We and what we desire are also connected.”. Now we have come to the realization that what we desire is already exist as a form of energy in this huge ocean of source energy. What we need to do is simply attract this energy by sending out the same vibration of energy. As long as you do this, your desire will be guaranteed to show up in your life. If it does not, that will mean the fail of universal law.

I want to use Dr Wayne Dyer’s words to finish this article. These words perfectly summarize the essence of manifestation and the true meaning of higher self.I hope you can repeat them many times until you can memorize. Here is what he said.

“Manifesting is not about getting things that are not here. It is about attracting what it is already here and is a part of you on a spiritual level.” —– Wayne Dyer

How to put this principle into practice?

1. Be the observer, consistently observe your thoughts.Notice the invisible “self” within you. Ask yourself all the time, who is thinking, who is observing.Then you will realize your higher self.

2. Whenever you have a feeling of doubt,worry and anxiety, remind yourself that you and the source energy is one. Your desires are coming to you at the energy level by the unbreakable universal laws.Repeat this “What I am seeking is seeking me.”

3. See the world as one. The divine energy passing through you passes through everything. See everything as apart of you. Refuse to put anybody above you or under you,instead see them as you.

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