4 Ways to Handle Change Better


I didn’t feel this way at first, but I learned to accept my obstacle as an opportunity to make a difference. Prayer and the quote above helped me to overcome my initial reaction to a change in my career. I loved being the Dean of Students last year, but my position changed to Instructional Facilitator this school year.

I felt overwhelmed every time I thought about learning a new job! I was also frustrated and confused! No matter how successful I’ve been at performing my job, my title has changed shortly afterwards! This one was harder for me to accept: I was in my comfort zone, and I envisioned growing in that position.

It took reading a book by Spencer Johnson, M.D., to truly change my “stinking thinking” and embrace the change! I have already learned so much in my new position. I have a better understanding of why God continues to change me and add to my resume’! He knows what’s best, and I will trust in His promises. Now, let me help you.

Here are four ways to handle change better: (adapted from “Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life”)

1. Recognize that you may have been distracted by comfort.
2. Don’t allow the thought of change to paralyze you with fear!
3. Understand that your reaction to change impacts the change.
4. Tackle what is immediately in front of you, and keep it moving!

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