Man of Honor Supt. C. A. Stevenson, Sr., Recognized


Superintendent Charles A. Stevenson, who was recognized as a “Man of Honor” in January, has been selected as one of his denomination’s top influential pastors for this year. The Church of God in Christ recently named the Superintendent of Progressive Community District (Louisiana First Jurisdiction) to its list of Top 100 Influential Pastors for 2014.

To be considered for this honor, I had to gather and submit details about Pastor Stevenson’s leadership in the church as well as the community. He has served faithfully in the ministry for 50 years; so, that was easy! The denomination’s longtime quarterly magazine, The Whole Truth, published the list of honorees in a recent issue.

I am extremely proud of my father/pastor for being selected, and it was privilege for me to nominate him! Since he taught his children I Corinthians 11:1, all of us work in the ministry. We serve in the following capacities: pastor, ordained elder, missionary, psalmist, and prophetess. We salute him for being named as one of the 100 Most Influential Pastors!

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