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How to Hang in There | Stop Eating Money

How to Hang in There


Do you feel like you’re Mufasa sometimes? Does it seem like there is always a Scar (pun intended) somewhere around? The closer you get to your goal, the more someone tries to kill your vibe! It may be a family member, a colleague, a friend, or someone else close to you. Well, I’ve learned that there is a reason for this!

Before God can do what He needs to do, He has to get us ready to RECEIVE what He has for us! It’s kind of like surgery! You go to a preparation room, where you have to shed some things. Sometimes it’s clothes, undergarments, and other unnecessary things. Each of these things could represent layers that need to be removed!

Financial difficulties could lead to better money management. Relationship problems could lead you to develop better relationships. Health problems could make you more determined to live a healthier lifestyle. Whatever the problems are, they often represent levels that God is going to take you. How do you hang in there despite life’s hardships?

First, you’ve got realize that you must go through the process or time of preparation. Next, you’ve just got to PUSH (pray until something happens) and WAIT (watch and in due time…)! If this sounds like the stages of pregnancy, that’s okay. You are expecting: You’re expecting a blessing! Hold on, wait right there, and your change is going to come! Hang in there!

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