Transform from Convinced to Committed


It’s so easy to get caught up, but emotions won’t carry you over! I wouldn’t have started exercising if I had not transformed my life! I was discussing this with a friend on Monday. He mentioned that he knows eating healthy and exercising are beneficial. His problem is actually doing what he knows is the best thing for him! I assured him that he is not alone!

Many people have the same issue whether it pertains to exercise, righteous living, studying, or relationships. It’s one thing to be convinced that you need to do better, but it’s another thing to actually do better! I, too, was like my friend and others. I was convinced that I needed a healthier lifestyle, but I failed to develop one. That started to bother me.

I could not understand how I have achieved so much in life, but I could not maintain a healthier lifestyle. I searched for answers because I didn’t ever want to get back on high blood pressure medicine. God has delivered me, and I don’t want to be bound! Of course, I had a few high blood pressure scares to decide that knowing better is not enough.

I prayed, and I searched…until I found the answer. I read, “Commit to Regular Exercise,” by Pastor Rick Warren. This has changed my life: I have transformed from being convinced to being committed! I realize that knowing better will not change anything! I had to decide to do better, and I had to make a commitment that I would take better care of my temple.

I joined a health and fitness center, and I make a concerted effort to exercise daily. I also pay closer attention to eating healthier and drinking more water. Developing a healthier lifestyle is helping me in other areas of my life! None of this would be possible without having a determined mind and acting upon that.

You can transform your life too by making a commitment to those things which you are convinced.

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