15 Ways to Know When People Are Fooling

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As many African Americans celebrate Juneteenth, it makes me wonder how the former slaves in Texas felt about being fooled. Despite it’s dark history, fooling people didn’t start with slavery! There are so many scriptures on being foolish; so, that means it is a common problem. I guess “everybody plays the fool” once!

If you keep on playing, you’re just a fool! Is that cool? I thought honesty was supposed to be the rule! What happened? Some people have lied so much that I don’t even think they know the difference any more. So, how are we supposed to know when they are lying or telling the truth? If they’re liars, we can just watch their mouths!

Prov. 18:7 says, “A fool’s mouth is his undoing, and his lips are a snare to his soul.” When their mouths are moving, they’re fooling! So, we just need to move around! Keep it moving, moving! We can be free as long as we choose to be! Here are 15 ways to know when people are just fooling:

1. They say that they love you, but you only know what that sounds like…!
2. They love your family, but they always find an excuse not to be around them…!
3. They love the Lord, but the only God you hear them say is with a curse word…!
4. They say that they’re a Christian, but they never wanna do anything Christ-like…!
5. They say that they love their spouse, but they always wanna come to your house…!
6. They say that they love their children, but they never want to spend time with them …!
7. They say that they/we should move on, but they won’t leave you alone…!
8. They’re single & always talk about getting together, but they NEVER make a move…!
9. Someone keeps hanging up in your face but not theirs…!
10. They say that their friends like you, but they all leave when you come around…!
11. They say, “I wasn’t texting or trying to call anyone,” but you heard it…!
12. They ask you what you wanna do, but they always do what they wanna do…!
13. Their wallet/purse is left at home EVERY time you go somewhere…!
14. Something is always wrong with their car when it’s their time to drive…!
15. They say that they’ll only be there for a few days, but they’ve been there for months…!

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.-Chinese Proverb

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