3 Lessons From My Father


I don’t know about you, but I always look forward to Father’s Day! God has blessed me with an awesome father! Sometimes, I call him daddy; other times I say, “Big C”! Ok. The “Big C” is used with my siblings. Sometimes, he calls me “Baby Girl”; other times he’ll just say “Connie”. He has taught me so many lessons; I’ll just name three.

He taught me how to be diligent and dedicated: He was the spiritual leader of our household, a teacher, and a provider. I know what to expect and tolerate. My father also taught me the importance of having a good name. I can’t go many places-far or near-without someone asking, “Are you related to Rev. Stevenson?” That’s always a proud moment for me!

He is known as a superintendent, a pastor, a preacher’s preacher, a community leader, and a friend to all. Most importantly, he is known as a family man and a godly father. He taught me what love looks like: He loved our mother and treated her like an angel until she became one! His love for her showed me how a man should treat his lady!

I will always love and appreciate him for that! His patience with four “stair-step” children was amazing, and I use many of his sayings, etc. with my students. If anyone wants to know the definition of a good man, he is the epitome! He is such a wonderful father, and I am thankful for him. His lessons have been powerful, and they will always remain with me.

What are some lessons that you learned from your father? Please share.

I challenge all fathers to take The Fatherhood Pledge.

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