How to Reflect What You Desire


If is a small word with many possibilities as well as limitations! The word reportedly appears in the Bible more than 1,500 times. The word is also a conjunction that means a “possibility, condition, or stipulation.” We must decide whether our situations will take a positive or negative connotation! It is up to us to turn stipulations into possibilities!

I am writing this because there are some things that I still want to accomplish in life. Seeing several students earn their doctorate degrees this month has reignited my desire to earn my doctorate degree. I know that I can finish what I started, if…I dedicate myself to earning it! If I remain focused, I can attract what I expect and reflect what I desire.

If I continue to be inspired by others, I will gain strength that I can overcome any obstacles just like they did! If I will read this post from time to time, I can use it to keep me accountable. If I reflect on the photo below of my soror earning her doctorate, it will help me to become what I respect and mirror what I admire. You can do it too!


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