Know When to Fold ‘Em


You might have difficulty knowing when to follow Kenny Rogers’s advice. Julius Caesar said, “Experience is the teacher of all things!” I would have to agree with him! I have been pressed (to the nth degree) this school year, and I have not understood it all. Despite how it looked or felt, I had to remember that with promotion comes new, challenging experiences!

After serving in numerous capacities as an educator, I accepted a new administrative position. I did not like being an assistant principal, but I love my job as Dean of Students! I just didn’t understand having the additional responsibilities: SBLC Chairperson, Newsletter Editor, Student Council Sponsor, and scheduling!

I also feared tackling the tremendous job of being the Testing Coordinator again after doing it 10 years ago! I had to be reminded: It’s not about anyone else; it’s about me! Luke 12:48 has become one of my favorite scriptures. It is what has helped me to press on! Despite my reluctance to perform additional duties, I have grown by leaps and bounds!

In addition, this experience has taught me so much (about the job, about people, and about myself)! Not only that, I was chosen as “Employee of the Month” for March. Hallelujah! My situation reminds me a little of Jason Kidd, who struggled as a new coach in the NBA this season. His team was losing terribly, and rumors of his firing were rampant!

The Nets leaders could have given up on him, but they chose to stick with him! Not only has Kidd been selected as “Coach of the Month” several times this season, but his team also earned a playoff berth! That did not happen until he gave up on some things/people to help his team. I hope this post will help you realize when to hold on and when to give up!

Here are three things to give up:

1. Fear of failure: A lot of people would be more successful, but they are paralyzed with fear. So, they remain where they are in life. The status quo fits their comfort zone. If we want to grow, we must give up the fear of failure.

2. Archaic beliefs: Times and situations change; so, we must constantly reevaluate what and why we are doing things. When things no longer work, it is time to give up that practice or procedure. Progress awaits!

3. Unproductive relationships: People come into our lives for several reasons. It may be time to move on if love and respect are gone. When they no longer uplift you or teach you, their season in your life might be over. Some people are not worth holding onto because they are blocking you from your ultimate blessing!

What is one thing you need to give up? Please comment.

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