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Six Ways to Support Family & Friends | Stop Eating Money

Six Ways to Support Family & Friends


When I attended my godson’s karate class, a 5-year-old asked the Sensei’s wife a question. He asked her, Who is that?” The Sensei’s wife explained: “That is his godmother, and that is his grandmother!” The young karate student replied with awe, “Wow!”

Could he have been referring to my beauty? While his reaction was priceless, I convinced myself that was not it! I actually think he was amazed that my godson had three supporters there. His mother was also there to complete the circle of support.

Typically, his aunt is there to support him too. However, she had another engagement. After thinking more about the child’s reaction, it made me reflect on how important it is to support our loved ones. Life is short; so, I challenge you to be there for your family and friends.

Here are six ways to support your family and friends:

1. Show up! I was extremely tired after work, but I made a sacrifice to assure my godson that whatever he is doing matters to me!

2. Pray for them. We cannot be there all of the time, but God is everywhere all the time at the same time! Our impossibilities are His possibilities!

3. Send them inspirational text messages. “Correction does much, but encouragement does more. Encouragement after censure is as the sun after a shower.”-Goethe

4. Call to offer help. We many not know what or when they need something, but we can ask them. If they want or need something, we should make ourselves available to do whatever we are capable of doing.

5. Buy a card. I have cards that people have given me years ago, and I read them from time to time. The card is something tangible that reminds me of the person’s love and support.

6. Invite them to an event so they can relax. I am a workaholic, and my idea of relaxation is usually related to my next goal. I am so focused that it is difficult to simply do nothing! I am grateful for family and friends who continue to invite me to places that I would’ve never gone.

In the past, I’d turn down their invitations. However, I have made the decision to slow down and smell the roses of life. If you know someone like me, don’t give up! Perhaps one day they will realize the importance of sharing themselves and taking breaks to enjoy life.

After a recent incident with his young son, a college coach made a powerful statement. LeVelle Moton said, “Success is nothing without someone to share it with!” I agree with him! Your family and friends need you, and you need them!

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