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7 Ways to be a Lifelong Learner | Stop Eating Money

7 Ways to be a Lifelong Learner


While shopping one day, I heard this older lady having a discussion with her adult daughter. She told her daughter, “I don’t know how to use this thing! It’s too hard; I think it’s too late for me to learn how to use a smartphone!” That was a teachable moment for this educator! I felt like I had to intervene and attempt to help her.

I shared with them that my father is a senior citizen in his 70’s who tackles the latest technology! My father taught himself how to use a smartphone and an iPad! I am extremely proud of him, and I challenged her to do the same thing! The formerly frustrated lady was encouraged by Dad’s story!

I told her to never say, “Never!” All of us should strive to be lifelong learners! Information is too valuable and too accessible! There are plenty of excuses; however, we don’t have any valid reasons for not learning in this Information Age. So, I challenge everyone to learn as much as you can while you can!

Here are 7 ways to be a lifelong learner:

1. Visit your local library. There are numerous resources available, including computers with Internet access. It won’t cost you anything!

2. Read newspapers. The late Nelson Mandela, who was very wise, was known to be an avid reader of newspapers. I read more than 3 newspapers, magazines, and numerous web posts per day. As a result, I have a good grasp on many topics. I am seldom stumped for words to add to any discussion.

3. Watch the news. Although reporting can be biased, it is still a good idea to know about current events.

4. View TED Talks, which are free videos presented by experts on various topics.

5. Visit museums. The fee is often minimum, but the rewards are maximum! Learning about history keeps you grounded, and it can spark new ideas.

6. Improve your vocabulary by completing word search puzzles, playing word games, defining words when you read, and using a thesaurus.

7. Enroll in a course taught online, offered at a college/university, or provided by the local community. Many courses are offered for free.

Please share what you are doing to ensure that you remain a lifelong learner.

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