3 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Love is not just a noun; it’s a verb too! When was the last time you’ve demonstrated your love? I hope it wasn’t Christmas or Valentine’s Day of 2013! Showing love can be difficult for some people. Last year on Valentine’s Day, I went in a store to purchase some items for my students. There were so many men in there, looking for gifts with such angst!

After several of them picked their items, I wanted to tell them that those were things that their significant other probably wouldn’t want! They were obviously last minute purchases, and I am sure the women expected something other than a small teddy bear or cheap candy. In the words of Adam Schefter, an ESPN analyst, “What people expect rarely is.”

I wondered if things were always that way. When the love was fresh and new, did they take more time to make sure it was something that she wanted? Were they only buying gifts then to avoid arguments or rejection later? Did they ask what the other person wanted for a gift? My final conclusion was that this could have been avoided!

Here are three ways that everyone can enjoy Valentine’s Day:

1. Communicate to relieve pressure and reduce disappointment. Sometimes, women don’t get anything because they said that they didn’t want anything. Sometimes, men want something different from what women expect. Everyone should just be honest and specific.

2. Spend according to your budget. More than $17 billion will be spent, but couples have to live to see another day. One day should not make or break you!

3. Relax and celebrate the moment. Stop thinking about the past or the future.

What do you have planned to make your Valentine’s Day enjoyable? Please comment.


  1. Haley Gray says:

    Valentine’s day is a fun day in our house. Gifts can range from silly, like a singing hamster, to the practical, like the new skillet I got for my husband this year. Generally, we don’t go overboard, nor do we encourage our children to. Gifts are most fun when the’re well thought out. Valentine’s is just a Hallmark holiday, so we limit it.

    • cakas38 says:

      Ms. Gray,

      That is excellent! Your family seems like my family. We make sure that everyone knows how we feel about them, and one holiday doesn’t dictate our actions. Thank you for sharing.

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