10 Awesome Accounts to Follow on Twitter


Jorge Rivas reported, “Twenty-six percent of black internet users surveyed said they used Twitter, compared to 14% of white users and 19% of Hispanics.” I am relatively new to Twitter, and I am amazed at the millions of people who tweet! How long have you been on Twitter? With all of my commitments to social media, deciding on who to follow can be overwhelming. My interests vary, and I am not just hungry for knowledge. I am ravenous!

Having a list of experts to follow has certainly helped! I don’t think it matters whether you are a newbie or experienced. A suggested list can help navigate through the treacherous waters of confusion. I know that it takes teamwork to make dreams work; so, I am also networking. Twitter can also broaden your horizons by exposing you to experts that you may not have considered following.

From a young millionaire to a pastor, I am endorsing 10 awesome accounts to follow:

1. Farrah Gray @RealFarrahGray
Profile: Author & Self-Made Millionaire. Dubbed by Oprah as an all-star with priceless advice.
Followers: 177K

2. Entrepreneurs@TheSuccessKing
Profile: I Quote & Share Articles About Entrepreneurs, Motivation & Success
Followers: 286K

3. BlackGivesBack.com@BlkGivesBack
Profile: Established in 2007, [it] is the premier site on black philanthropy!
Followers: 6,719

4. Inc.@Inc
Profile: Everything you need to know to start and grow your business now.
Followers: 779K

5. Earvin Magic Johnson@MagicJohnson
Profile: No profile is given. He tweets about sports, business, and life.
Followers: 1.92M

6. DoSomething.org@dosomething
Profile: …movement of 2.5 mil young people making the world suck less.
Followers: 678K

7. Slate@Slate
Profile: Politics, culture, technology, business, news, and commentary.
Followers: 752K

8. ReShonda Billingsley@ReShondaT
Profile: I write books. Lots of them! 28 so far…
Followers: 8,099

9. Claire Zulkey@Zulkey
Profile: Much write. Very blog. Such Zulk. Wow.
Followers: 4,716

10. Joel Osteen@JoelOsteen
Profile: Daily inspiration to help you live the life of victory and abundance…
Followers: 2.36M

Who do you follow on Twitter? Please comment.

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