Three Reasons You Were Born


Destiny. Purpose. Providence. These are all words that are related to our future. Motivational speakers, preachers, and educators use the terms frequently. Why? Too many people don’t recognize or understand why they were born. That confusion leads to people spending years doing things that delay them from becoming what they were born to do.

When you realize why you were born, life has more meaning! I know that I was born to teach and help others. Not only am I effective at teaching subject matter (English, computer, Bible), but God has also helped me to change lives. The purpose of this blog, my Facebook pages/group, and my new non-profit foundation is to enlighten people. I was made for this!

Why were you born? This is not a biological question because most readers are mature and know the fundamentals of life and death. However, this is more of a philosophical question which means that your opinions will play a great part in how you respond to the question. Religious or spiritual beliefs are likely to impact most responses.

If you are not a Christian, I suppose your answer would be based on the science of life. Since I am a Christian, my answer is based upon my spiritual beliefs. First, I am convinced that you were born because you were chosen by God. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding a person’s birth, God determines who shall live (or die).

You were also born to fulfill God’s purpose for your life. All of us can do something to contribute to the world, but the key is discovering our purpose. Finally, you were born to live a life of reverence for God. When your journey is over, you will have to answer to Him. Before your journey ends, make sure you know why it began!

What were you born to do? Please comment.

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