How Does Fasting Work?


If there is one thing that every believer learns, it is that life with the Lord is a constant process – where the Father molds us through His Spirit! One way to become better engaged in this process is through prayer and fasting. Each year, my church members go on a 21-Day corporate fast (beginning January 1st and ending on January 21st).

There are many types of fasts as well as many benefits. We have been fasting (first meal after 3:00 p.m.) and making other sacrifices (such as certain TV programs, sweets, etc.). The purpose of this fast is to crucify the flesh, walk in the power of God, and ask God to deliver people. We hope to provide spiritual comfort, inspire, and harness the power of prayer.

Some local churches are open for prayer for an hour-Monday through Sunday-at various times. All are welcome to join this time of consecration, prayer, and fasting. Those who are not able to join in prayer at a local church are encouraged to pray during those hours at home or where you are. We trust that God will show Himself in a mighty way!

Have you ever been on a fast? I can testify that our sacrifices honor God, and God honors our sacrifices. If you cannot fast due to health issues, you can still pray. Tap into The Source, and God will answer you. If you have financial problems or simply want a better relationship, praying and fasting will help at any time.

If you are new at this, consider some suggested daily prayer requests.

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