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Man of Honor-December (2 of 3) | Stop Eating Money

Man of Honor-December (2 of 3)

Research shows that involved fathers can affect everything in a child’s life (from school attendance to church attendance). Dr. Christopher Peterson wrote, “In general, actively-involved fathers provide their daughters and sons with a life-long example of what it means to be a good man, a good husband, a good parent, and a good person, and their children make wiser choices in their own lives as a result of the lessons learned while growing up.”

The honoree, Dr. Israel R. Kabashiki, definitely reinforces these findings. He has an excellent blend of IT and business expertise, a significant experience in leadership development, and an excellent understanding of corporate governance. His expertise also includes policy development and economic analyses. He attributes his success to his father’s involvement as well as his strong foundation in Christianity and positive leadership.


Dr. Kabashiki comes from a Christian family, and he is the grandson of an evangelist. In addition, he is the son of a pastor. He stated that his father has had a huge impact on his life –academic, social, and Christian. As a well-educated and born-again man, his father taught him by words and actions how to honor God and serve others. Since Dr. Kabashiki’s childhood, his father infused in him the concept of servant-leadership.

He has also learned from his father that to reach new heights, he needs to become a social change agent and a peacemaker. Dr. Kabashiki said, “Our broken world has been in labor for a long time because of a lack of effective leadership.” He would like to make a difference in his neighborhood and in the world. His passion has been to help people and nations around the world to cultivate peace and brotherhood in spite of their differences.

Next week, you will learn how Dr. Israel R. Kabashiki is making a difference on a global level. What do you think about fathers’ involvement in their children’s lives? Please comment.

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