What You Should Know about Auto Insurance


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “Motor vehicle crashes and fatalities increased in 2012 after six consecutive years of declining fatalities on our nation’s highways.” These crashes and fatalities have been attributed to many different things (from drunk driving to excessive speed).

Driver distraction is also a common cause for auto accidents, which means many accidents could have been avoided. In 2004, I was involved in a head-on collision. I was injured, but I was grateful to be alive! My ankle and foot were broken, and I had to miss work. I am also grateful for disability insurance. When I was able to drive, I did not have a vehicle.

I have heard many horror stories about insurance agents. However, my insurance agent was cooperative and supportive. He quickly arranged for me to get a rental car without any problems. Let me tell you though: The insurance process was tedious and annoying! I learned several lessons, and I promised that I would share those lessons with others.

Here is what you should know about auto insurance:

  • Lower prices are misleading. I thought I had a good policy, but I believe that this determined how long it took for my claim to be serviced.
  • Liability insurance may not be enough to pay for your needs. Depending on the severity of the accident and the number of passengers, you may need more insurance than the state requires.
  • Keep your payments up to date. My parents made sure that they reminded me of this lesson, and I am glad I listened! If you haven’t paid your premiums, it will be difficult to file a claim.

    Have you had a negative experience with your auto insurance company? Please comment.

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