Woman of Honor-November (2 of 3)

“To be Successful, you need Family & Friends, But, To be very Successful, you need Enemies & Competitors…!”-Anonymous

I don’t know what difference her enemies and competitors have made, but I know that the “Woman of Honor” is very successful! I also know that Mary Griffin has had the support of her family! Stephen Thomas Erlewine wrote, “was born in New Orleans, the daughter of a local minister. As a child, she sang in churches with her family, and by her teens she had realized she wanted to pursue a musical career.”

Griffin, dancing with her father on his 72nd birthday!

Griffin, dancing with her father on his 72nd birthday!

Erlewine added, “Her style eventually developed into a gospel-inflected contemporary update of classic soul; even though she was a New Orleans native, there was very little Crescent City R&B in her style. She was discovered singing at a local club in the mid-’90s by some talent scouts and by 1997 she had signed with Curb Records. Her debut album, For the First Time, was released in the fall of that year.”

Mary’s friends are extremely proud of her, and they keep her encouraged. If she has enemies, they are awfully quiet! I have never heard anyone utter a negative word about her. As for competitors, I am sure they admire her gifts and feel challenged to do better. She also uses her blessings to make a difference. Next week, you will learn more of what Mary Griffin has been doing since releasing her first album. What do you think?

Source: Mary Griffin: Information from Answers.com

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