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Do you know someone who is always struggling? They keep getting in worse situations despite their best efforts! Their parents can’t help because money management has never been a priority. As a result, our friends only learn how to do something correctly after doing it incorrectly. Occasionally, I have directed my friends to research different websites and blogs for financial advice.

This is what happened when someone asked me about “reversing the curse” of poverty. I don’t have that financial background; so, prayer was my first advice. Then, I read an amazing article about Ms. Jackie Cummings Koski. After reading the article, I had to try to offer additional help to my friend. In the article, Ms. Koski shares her personal story of breaking the cycle of being broke.

Ms. Koski explains her financial legacy by identifying the financial challenges that her father experienced. She accredits educators for instilling the importance of education and its role in changing her legacy. A change in marital status further motivated her to change her money management, which lead to an awesome transformation! If you want tips on how to change your life, read “How I Broke the Cycle of Being Broke.”

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