Video: Watch Me Now!

Have you ever left your smartphone in someone’s office, vehicle, etc.? You ran back (or drove back) in a panic to retrieve it, right?! I know because my job duties have changed, and I have to be more mobile than last year. I have an Otterbox case with a belt clip, but all of my outfits are not conducive to a clip. Leaving my smartphone in someone’s office made me turn into a sprint that would have made Allyson Felix proud!


Worrying about leaving my smartphone somewhere will not get it! I considered a smart watch as an option; so, I read different smart watch reviews. Since the article reviews were not flattering, I thought that watching a video review might change my perception. The presenter’s voice is a little annoying, but the video is quite informative and convincing! I need another option, but the smart watch is not cost effective!

What do you think about smart watches? Please comment to let me know if the video was helpful. Thank you.

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