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Man of Honor-October (Series 2 of 3) | Stop Eating Money

Man of Honor-October (Series 2 of 3)

Did you know that George Tillman, Jr.’s movie, “Men of Honor,” reportedly earned more than $45 million? Mark Deming offered this description of the movie: “This military drama is based on the true story of Carl Brashear, who was the first African-American to serve as a diver in the United States Navy… Brashear must fight prejudice, military bureaucracy, and even a crippling injury in order to realize his dreams.”

I loved every part of the movie, and I often reflect on this man’s incredible ability to overcome many obstacles! One thing that stands out is a conversation between Master Chief Petty Officer William “Billy” Sunday and Carl Brashear. Billy Sunday looked at a photo of Brashear’s father and asked him a question. Sunday asked, “What […] did he ever say to make you try so hard?” Brashear replied, “Be the best.”


As Mr. Brashear demonstrated in the movie, it often helps when you have the support of your family. The “Man of Honor for October 2013” has several things in common with Carl Brashear. Pastor Marcus Carruthers is making great strides towards being the best in all of his endeavors, and his family has contributed to his success. The Oklahoma native is the proud son of Mr. John and Mrs. Norma Carruthers.

His parents and siblings (three older brothers and one older sister) were instrumental in his graduation from Millwood High School as well as Grambling State University. The “baby of the family” was no brat; he earned a bachelor’s degree in CIS in 1991. Not only do his wife and son (Dionne and John-Marcus, respectively) offer amazing support, but his fraternity brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. also inspire him.

Marcus Carruthers gains guidance from his favorite book, the Bible, too. In addition, he receives motivation from his church family to be the best. As pastor, Marcus is committed to following God and helping his members develop their spiritual relationships with Jesus Christ. Next week, you will learn more about the awesome contributions that this “Man of Honor” has made to his community.

How do you think his family, his church, and/or his fraternity brothers have contributed to Marcus Carruthers’s success? Please comment.

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