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Finding the Perfect Auto | Stop Eating Money

Finding the Perfect Auto


According to a study by Lab42, fifty-two percent of customers “don’t know what make or model they intend to buy before arriving at the dealership.” The study also reported that forty-eight percent of “buyers are spending 1-3 months shopping before making their purchase.” So, tell me: Is it really that difficult for you to decide what automobile you want to purchase? I don’t know about you, but I spent months reading reviews/comparing prices each time I purchased a vehicle!

During my first “purchase,” I was a teenager in high school. I actually only had to select the make and model, and my father purchased it. I have always been frugal; so, I spent months trying to find the perfect auto for me. I considered price, gas mileage, and performance reviews. I finally decided on a BMW 318i, and I loved my selection! “The Ultimate Driving Machine” was the perfect auto for me! I was able to drive my car for 20 years until I had a major accident in it!

I did not estimate the cost of repairs during my research, which was a mistake. I learned my lesson on that, and I made sure that was also a consideration during my next purchase. I also considered brand loyalty; repeat buyers can usually give you a better picture. Since Toyota has consistently ranked as the #1 brand with loyal buyers, I selected a Toyota Camry! I loved my Camry so much that my next purchase was a Toyota Camry Solara! Although Toyota no longer makes the Solara, it was the perfect auto for me.

One key thing that I have learned is shopping at the right time! The fall is considered the perfect time to purchase a new auto. September, in particular, is the time that most experts recommend. It is when the next year’s autos arrive; so, sales efforts are high to make room for the new vehicles. To improve sales, many dealers offer no (or low) interest rates on the current year’s autos. If you want some additional tips on finding the perfect auto, read this article. Enjoy!

Are you looking for the perfect auto? What factors are you considering? Please comment.

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