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5 Reasons You Should Eat Breakfast | Stop Eating Money

5 Reasons You Should Eat Breakfast


Pancakes, bacon, biscuits, and grits! I also enjoy waffles, and I can eat breakfast foods any time of day! Clearly, breakfast is my favorite meal! I even enjoy cereal and pop tarts when I don’t have time for a cooked meal. As I ate my breakfast this morning, I remembered that National Breakfast Month is observed in September. Some people skimp on breakfast because they are counting calories, and they have misperceptions about eating breakfast.

Others simply don’t like breakfast foods, but I don’t understand that! Research has proven that breakfast is a crucial meal that people should not avoid. Eating breakfast can help you start your day with energy. It can also improve your concentration and job performance. Here are 3 more reasons you should eat breakfast: to avoid feeling starved which often leads to snacking on unhealthy foods, to avoid gaining weight, and to save money (on coffee, etc.).

With all of the benefits, eating breakfast is a win-win situation! If you’re tired of the same foods, If you’re tired of the same foods, celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month and create excitement for your family with some Latin-inspired breakfast recipes. If you have been avoiding breakfast, start eating this month and make it a habit. I have made it a habit, and I plan to continue making breakfast a priority!

I won’t skip breakfast simply because I don’t have time; I just go to one of my favorite restaurants. One day, I plan to visit some of the best breakfast places in America. Until then, I will continue eating at my favorite spots! What do you when you are hungry but you don’t have time to eat a cooked meal? When I can’t get a cooked meal, I love to eat breakfast at the following places:

1. IHOP-Two x Two x Two
2. Cracker Barrel-Momma’s Pancake Breakfast
3. McDonald’s-hotcakes
4. Waffle House-Grand Slam with waffles
5. Big Momma’s Fine Foods-like grandma’s cooking
6. Copeland’s of New Orleans-brunch
7. Grandy’s-pancakes
8. Burger King-croissants
9. Comfort Inn (I look for this hotel because breakfast is complimentary.)
10. The New Hollywood Snack Bar and Catering-like a home cooked meal

If you don’t eat breakfast, please share your reasons for not eating this important meal.

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