Trendsetter of the Month (series 2 of 2)

Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest.-Christian Dior

With amazing enthusiasm and energy, Ms. Venus Hylton continues to create beauty! As founder of Maji Designs, Venus is an ever-learning artist who blends the old with the new to create pieces of lasting value. She juxtaposes the natural roughness of freeform gems with delicate Tahitian or Japanese keishe pearls, and often integrates stones with high karat gold or sterling in unexpected ways. Her work is a synthesis of contrasting aesthetics- refined yet bohemian, sophisticated yet fun, organic yet elegantly crafted.

Venus’s creative talent was honed during her study of design and painting at Georgia State University, after she earned a master’s degree in education. She taught herself the basics of beading and wirework, and then moved on to metalsmithing. She soon found that the transformation of metal in the process of design fuels her inspiration. It allows her to use the fluidity of heated metal with the textures and subtle luminations of gems, as if working the line of color of paint on canvas. The results are unique three-dimensional, wearable works of art.


It seems that her B.S. degree in History from Grambling State University prepared her to be the student she has become of the history of design and contemporary trends. And perhaps her eclectic life experiences have attracted her to the possibilities of attractive oppositions. Notable clients have worn her jewelry, such as Monica Kaufman–WSB TV anchor, Atlanta, Jacquie Reid–BET anchor, and Gail O’Neill– host of HGTV’s Public Places Private Spaces…, and appreciate the beauty of her creations.-Source:

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