7 Significant Questions to Ask about War


It’s impossible to forget what you were doing on that tragic day! It was my planning period, but I never could have prepared for what happened on 9/11! I had my television on to watch the news, but I could not believe what I saw! I realized that tragedy was occurring, but it felt like my eyes were betraying me. It was real in the worst possible way, and America has not recovered (twelve years after 9/11).

Life, as we knew it, will never be the same! This country will always remain a target, and Americans must be conscious of active threats. All threats cannot be reported because that would lead to panic and chaos. However, we must pay attention to the decisions that are being made by our politicians. Their actions have the potential to put us in harm’s way, or their conscientious reactions can protect us.

Other than voting for politicians who are responsible leaders, there is more that we can do. We must reflect on the lessons that we should’ve learned and apply them. During this tragedy, we came together! We learned a lot about ourselves & others. Consequently, I believe that many people broadened their horizons. I pray that another major crisis does not force more of us to act civil towards each other.

We must reject war and promote peace! The cost of war is always a debt that can’t be paid in full because the casualties of war extend beyond the battlefield! The casualties typically reflect the military’s dead, wounded, and missing. Yet, families suffer tremendously! Some are left with enormous wounds, struggle with misplaced anger, or remain lifeless. So, we must ask questions and demand answers.

Here are seven significant questions that we must ask about war:
1. Why are we fighting this war?
2. Who are our “real” enemies?
3. Who are our allies?
4. What do our allies gain by supporting us?
5. What is the estimated outcome (cost, lives lost, etc.)?
6. How long will it take us to “rebound” from this war?
7. What are our options before taking this action?

What were you doing on 9/11? What should we do after 12 years? Please comment.

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