Video: Fantastic Way to Detox


How do you detox after the weekend? Getting extra sleep would be ideal because it is the best way to invigorate your body. However, most of us would have to take off work to get “extra” sleep. Many people are exercising before work, and it gives them extra energy! Other options include taking vitamin supplements, meditating, or eating healthier. A video on this site (“Relax with a Cup of Tea” at the bottom right) shares a different way to get rid of all the unhealthy foods/drinks that your body doesn’t need.

The “Black Enterprise” video is extremely interesting, and it will also show you how to unwind! Drinking tea is recommended by many health experts. Patricia Bannan wrote, “Since Ancient times, tea has been touted to help with everything from headaches to depression.” If you are in doubt, read her article on the benefits of drinking tea. I hope you will enjoy the video and consider drinking tea as a fantastic way to detox after a long weekend. Please comment to let me know if you plan to drink more tea. Thank you.

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