The Best Birthday Gift Ever


What an awesome gift! The doctors were amazed because they had never heard of three generations being born on the same day! I have always felt extremely blessed that my sister was born on my mother’s birthday, and my niece was born on my sister’s birthday! It’s just one more unique thing that adds to my family’s dynamics. My mother has transitioned, but my sister is a constant reminder of her concern for everyone. My niece is a reminder of my mother’s grace and beauty. Because of them, it’s difficult to be sad on August 27th!

I can’t do like Diddy, but I try to make sure that my sister and my niece enjoy their birthday. Spending $3 million, including $28,000 on flowers, IS an excessive amount to spend on a birthday! How much do you spend on birthday gifts for your loved ones? Is this the one day that you throw caution to the wind and forget about financial responsibilities? Careful planning and decision-making help reduce emotional spending. Establishing a Birthday Club (similar to Vacation & Christmas Clubs) is highly recommended.

When you consider how much you will spend, do you reflect on what gifts others have given to you? You should give out of the kindness of your heart without expectations of anything in return. Does their reaction dictate the extent you will go to make them happy? If you try to remember who has done what in the past, exchanging gifts can become quite stressful! Have you ever heard of the white elephant gift exchange? Its origin is debated, but I believe it derived from being displeased with someone.

I have been told that a gift is something you want the person to have, but a present is something you think the person wants. It might seem like nonsense, but a distinction can actually be made between a gift and a present. It does not matter to me! I appreciate all greetings, gifts from my parents, and presents from my friends. My favorite gift is a Cabbage Patch Kids doll, which my mother ordered because local stores had sold out! I am most grateful for the gift of life: The best birthday gift ever!

What is your favorite birthday gift (or worst white elephant gift)? Does your family have a Birthday Club? Please share your birthday experiences.

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