Video: The Secret Life of Cigar Aficionados


It’s the weekend, Baby! Will you celebrate at home, a movie theater, a club, or a cigar lounge? When I was a child, one of my neighbors smoked the strongest smelling cigars! He seemed to thoroughly enjoy his hobby, and the fragrance would permeate the air. I would wonder about the difference between smoking a cigarette, a pipe (with its sweet odor), and a cigar. I didn’t search for the answer until I noticed the number of women who smoke cigars.

Recent studies have also shown an increase in teens who smoke cigars. Not only is it considered cool, but it has also become a cheaper alternative than cigarettes. A different crowd, cigar aficionados, smoke cigars for vastly different reasons. Cigar aficionados are serious about their hobby, and cigar lounges are opening in many different cities! One company even developed a traveling smoking lounge for those who love cigars!

Watch the video to learn more! Note that I am not promoting cigar smoking! I understand that there are health risks to cigar smoking despite some myths to the contrary. I am simply informing you about what motivates some people to smoke cigars, which is a lifestyle choice. The video is extremely interesting and enlightening! If you have trouble understanding dialects, pay close attention.

Please comment to let me know your opinion on the secret life of cigar aficionados. Thank you.

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