Who Else Wants to Donate?


Did you know that the majority of people waiting for organ transplants are minorities? Some minorities do not support organ donations because of myths, and others are reluctant due to accusations of unethical practices. Despite a few scandals of organ harvesting, etc., I wholeheartedly support organ donation! It is my pleasure to announce National Minority Donor Awareness Month, and I hope you will be inspired to learn more about organ and tissue donation. Perhaps, you will want to donate after learning more about it.

Studies show that one organ donor can save up to nine lives, and one tissue donor can improve nearly 50 lives! So, signing up to become an organ donor was an easy decision for me! I completed a simple process when I renewed my driver’s license based upon a simple theory. I believe that extending the life of someone else is one of the greatest gifts that I can offer. If I could have extended the life of any of my loved ones, I would have done whatever I could do! Yes, that includes donating my organs and tissue.

While none of my family members have needed organ transplants, several people that I know have been donor recipients. Natalie Cole, Tracy Morgan, and George Lopez are among the famous donor recipients. I am happy for all of them. Without other people committing to donate organs, their lives would not have been extended. Tissue donors often help to improve the quality of life for donor recipients. Will you consider joining these amazing people (and others) who have donated their organs?

1. Oscar Robertson, NBA Hall of Famer, donated a kidney to his daughter.
2. Everson Walls, former Dallas Cowboys player, donated a kidney to his former teammate.
3. Jaleel Gipson, high school football player, had his organs donated on May 13, 2013.

Register to become an organ donor today. If you do not support organ and tissue donation, what are your reasons? Please comment.

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