Trailblazer of the Month-August (Series 2 of 4)


Do you know someone who has helped to open up a new line of technology or serves as an innovative leader? If so, that person is recognized as a trailblazer. Last week, I introduced readers to Mr. Kenn Rashad who received the honor of “Trailblazer of the Month” for August. Kenn Rashad is the founder of TSPN Sports, the president and CEO of an Internet marketing and publishing firm, and the co-founder and COO of a publishing company. These are amazing accomplishments for such a young man!

Who motivated Mr. Rashad to become a trailblazer? He stated that his entire family has been his biggest inspiration! He said, “However, my mother and grandfather had the greatest impact on me for different reasons! My mother was a single parent, raising two sons in the Los Angeles area during the 80’s at a time when gang violence was at its peak. She always encouraged (and supported) us to stay involved in constructive activities that would expose us to new things, which hopefully kept us out of trouble. It worked!”

Kenn added, “Education was equally important; it was considered to be the passport to new horizons. My grandfather was my hero and biggest role model. He only had the equivalent of a 6th grade education, but the life experiences he has shared with me about being a black man living in the Jim Crow South are lessons that I will never forget. Despite his level of education, he was the quintessential family man. He was a hard worker and didn’t earn a lot of money, but he was always able to provide for his wife (my grandmother) and children.”

Next week, find out how Kenn Rashad’s early experiences as a reporter at KTVE-TV in Monroe, Louisiana, impacted his future.


  1. LaSandra says:

    I love and admire Mr. Rashad. He is truly an inspiration to young people everywhere. I wish him many more blessings in all of his aspirations.

    • cakas38 says:


      I agree with your comments 100%! I look forward to bigger and better things from Kenn Rashad! Thank you for sharing positive feedback.


  2. Alicia Whitaker says:

    Kenn Rashad is a wonderful role model for young men, especially young men of color! It is exciting to see an intelligent black man setting goals and pressing forward to accomplish them! He has and is demonstrating great endurance, which is a vital quality that all young men need! I applaud him for his present accomplishments and I’m sure that he will have many more! Much love to him and his family! – A. Whitaker

    • cakas38 says:

      Ms. Whitaker,

      Thank you for your comment. I agree with you: Mr. Rashad is a “wonderful role model!” I am proud of him, and it has been a pleasure to feature him on my blog. While we need more positive role models like Kenn, there are more diamonds out there! I look forward to using my gifts to let others know about outstanding people of color. Again, I appreciate your feedback.


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