Top 10 Money Songs


Happy Monday! What’s on your mind? What is the water cooler talk today? With the return of football season, some sports enthusiasts might be debating the punishments for Riley Cooper and Johnny Football. Other popular issues might include the following: Alex Rodriguez, dangers of Acetaminophen, 2 Guns, and Tax-Free Weekend “bargains.” Regardless of the topic, all of these issues have a direct or indirect correlation to money!

Last week, I disclosed some things about Tax-Free Weekends. I’m sure that my post and other warnings didn’t stop some people from shopping. Long-held beliefs are hard to break, but the psychology of discounts is something else you might want to ponder. I apologize to marketing pros, but you need to be aware of strategies that are used to persuade consumers. It might not change your behavior; however, you will have the information.

Some individuals and organizations are against empowering people with decision-making skills. Despite these challenges, I will continue to “sing like a bird” in my efforts to enlighten people. As you enjoy your day, consider this: Two things that most people would not want to live without are money and music. They are related to so many aspects of our lives, which might explain why there are hit songs about money in every genre.

Here are my top 10 songs related to money:

Are any of these your favorite money songs? Please comment.

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