10 Amazing Blogs about Money


Imagine that you are trying to go on a trip. You need a road map to reach your destination. When you arrive at a bookstore, there are 20 maps that can lead you to the same destination. Now, how do you know which map to purchase? Why are there so many maps that can guide you to one destination? While this is an analogy, millions of Americans encounter a similar experience when they are trying to improve their finances.

Unlike someone looking for a road map, the average person has no clue where to get help for financial problems. Those without access to technology are at a greater disadvantage. A Google search; however, will provide numerous types of resources on personal finance. Blogs, books, newsletters, software, etc. are available. Why are there so many tools to help people with their finances? Due to the lack of financial literacy in our educational systems, many people need help to reach financial freedom!

Financial freedom is available, but it comes with a price! People must be willing to pay now by learning how to manage their money or suffer later for their mistakes. One dilemma is that very few of the thousands of blogs are geared toward African Americans. Money is green, but some blog posts are limited because they do not address issues that concern you and your family. These are the reasons that I created a financial literacy blog for people of color. I am happy that you are reading my blog, and I hope that you are gaining a better appreciation for how money works.

Are you seeking financial freedom? I recommend that you search the Internet for various resources that are available. Before following any advice, you should consult a professional. This post includes a list of suggested blogs to read that can also help you reach your destination. First, select which blogs could help you improve your present situation. Second, determine which blogs fit your needs and interests. As your situation improves, the types of money blogs that you will read might change. Here are 10 amazing blogs about money:

  1. Budgeting: Double Saving Divas
  2. Financial Planning: Your Finances Simplified
  3. Frugal Living: Wise Bread
  4. General: MintLife
  5. Investing: Wealthy On My Way
  6. Lifestyle: The Frugalista
  7. Philanthropy: BlackGivesBack
  8. Relationships: Make Love Not Debt
  9. Retirement: Get Rich Slowly
  10. Saving Money: Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

Do you read any amazing blogs about money? If so, please share the reasons that you like them and/or the ways that they have helped you.

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