Entrepreneur of the Month-July (Series 4 of 4)


Studies show that less than four percent of people actually fulfill their dreams. With such a daunting statistic, that makes the honoree for the “Entrepreneur of the Month” more special! Ms. Roanita Jenkins is among the few people who have set goals and worked diligently to accomplish her dream! She saw herself achieving her dream; so, she believed it! Then, she prepared to make it happen. After working for someone else for 13 years, she took a leap of faith and became an entrepreneur! I salute Roanita Jenkins, and I hope she has been an inspiration to you during this series!

Here are Ms. Roanita Jenkins’s answers to some interview questions:

What role did your son play in your desire to become an entrepreneur?
My son played a big role in my decision to become an entrepreneur! I am teaching him to think outside the box and not to be limited by others. Having control of my own destiny provided me with the security of knowing I was more in control of his livelihood and mine.

What is the best financial advice that you can share?
Always pay yourself (by saving money). No matter how much or how little a person makes, saving is so very important! By doing this, I was able to start my business debt free; I didn’t have to worry about credit card debt or loans. God is good!

What has been your worst financial decision?
When I was younger, I applied for everything that was offered to me! I did not fully understand how it affected my credit and my debt to credit ratio. That was a tough lesson, but it was a lesson that has made me wiser.

What are some of the challenges of being an entrepreneur?
Every aspect of the business is my responsibility. It is also easy to get overwhelmed! Another challenge is finding a balance between work and rest. I am learning the importance of taking time to enjoy life outside the office. Because I love what God has blessed me to do, it just doesn’t seem like hard work to me! I do it with a smile every day!

How do you cope with the challenges of being an entrepreneur?
I have learned that organization is a must. I had to stop and take about a month to get things in order as well as organize my process and procedures. My life has been much easier!

What is one specific thing that you really enjoy doing?
I love working with all markets in the industry, but I have a passion for working with the senior market with their Medicare choices. Seniors are often taken advantage of; so, I take great pride in helping them. My joy comes from being a blessing to them and protecting them for being taken advantage of. I spend a lot of time with them to ensure that they are knowledgeable and comfortable. They can always call me, day or night, weekends included.

What advice would you give someone who wants to become an Insurance Consultant?
First, you must have a spirit of service. It’s important to have a love of wanting to help and serve people. IF you don’t service your client, you better believe someone else will! Make it a priority to be the expert in the field.

What is one thing that you would like to improve?
I would like to rebuild the trust that the public has in insurance agents that people have lost over the years due to being taken advantage of. This is the reason it’s important to me to operate with transparency and integrity.

What is your ultimate goal for your company?
My ultimate goal for the RJI agency is to expand into other cities and states as well as to hire and train people with the same value system in which this company was started. I would like to be the one stop shop for all insurance needs and to be recognized as the insurance agency that truly takes care of its clients.

How do you feel about being featured on this blog?
I am so honored! This blog is one of sharing and educating to make us better people. Thank you! I hope that I have motivated someone who wants more control of their destiny but has let fear stop them from pursuing their dreams. I also hope that someone has truly realized that with God all things are possible! In addition, I hope that people now know that there is someone they can come to and have their insurance needs taken care of. They can trust that I have the best products for them. They can just call me for advice, free of charge to them, if they have insurance-related questions. Anything that I can do to help someone better position him/herself, I am ready to help. I am truly living my dream, and I am so thankful for the experience!

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